The following article was narrated by George Schmidt the only founding member still active on this fire department with 35 years.

Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1975 with 30 members on the roster.The first engine was leased from Liberty Township Volunteer Fire Department for three years for $1.00 per year.We used one bay in the building to the east of the station(not built at this time) which is now Berkheimers.We broke ground in 1976 at 380 East State Road 2 which was donated by Indiana General and this was the start of the new station.The station was built by Chesters and the interior was completed by members of the fire department.We started parking the engine in one bay at the end of summer 1976 and the interior was completed in spring of 1977.In 1977 the members built the first 2000 gallon tanker on a used Chevy chassis and aquired a 6 x 6 military chassis for the next tanker. We also aquired from the military a brush truck that was also built by the members of the department.In 1978 the department took delivery of a new 1977 Ford pumper built by Quality Manufacturing and was in service until 2005.In 1981 we took delivery of a 1980 Chevy Mini Pumper the first truck built by Hoosier Fire in Valparaiso.In 1989 we took delivery of a new 1988 GMC pumper built by Quality.In 1991 and 1992 we added five more truck bays to the station giving us a total of seven bays.In 1999 we took delivery of two used trucks,one custom cab seven man 1988 E-One Hurricane Pumper and a 2500 gallon tanker made by Becker and these are still in service.In 2005 we took delivery of our first new custom cab engine a Toyne with a Spartan cab which is our first out engine.We purchased in 2007 a new Ford Expedition Incident Command vehicle that is driven by the chief and a Ford F550 Lifestar Rescue Airvan with a six bottle 6000 psi fill system with containment.We just took delivery in 2010 of a Kenworth/Toyne 3000 gallon tanker.We still maintain a 30 to 35 member roster and are always looking for new members.